Too Long…

Preface: This week’s prompt is “Long Line.” At 4 AM the morning I wrote this, I remembered it as “Long.” Once again, my memory failed me; however, I am satisfied with how things turned out. The McGee Schoolhouse, Coffins Grove Township, Delaware County, Iowa In the spring of 2019, I…continue reading →

Aunt Nettie – A Fresh Start

Nettie (Haynes) Corll Aunt Nettie was actually my Great Aunt Nettie. We called her that because that's what our mother called her. My mother called her that because she was her mother, Alta’s sister. She was, in fact, Alta’s eldest sister. Her full name was Nettie Rosella Haynes. I thought…continue reading →

Fresh Start

I have been slowly writing fewer and fewer posts, (which are really just me transcribing my GG AuntLuella's stories) since I began this blog over a year ago. I am going to start writing again this year. I have assigned myself the opportunity to write a little something each week.…continue reading →

Cook Stories 10

THE EARLY COOKS (no date given) COOK STORIES 10 Benjamin Stephen Cook's (b1800) Bible-showing pedigree. Benjamin Stephen Cook After seeing the Family Bible and the ancestors copied from another Bible, one of the questions I asked my Grandfather Emory was, "When did the first Cooks come to America?" Grandfather Emory…continue reading →