Donald Wesley DeLancey

Donald Wesley DeLanceyHigh school graduation picture1929 Today my grandpa DeLancey would have been 108 years old. He meant the world to me. He was, in a way, a second father figure to me. There was an old '54 Chevy in the back yard that used to be the family car.…continue reading →

Aunt Luella

Luella Ellis Cookc1915 Today is the 126th birthday of my Great Great Aunt Luella. She was the first family historian in the family and is responsible for much of what we know about our lineage as well as many of the stories you will see published on this website. She…continue reading →


I thought I'd add a personal note about the website and what I'm doing with it. Right now I've allotted a half a day three times a week to it. It is obviously under construction. I'm flying by the seat of my pants on this endevor. I have never put…continue reading →

Biography of Emory B. Cook

This is a biography that was given to me by a new-found cousin last year. It's a short biography of my Great Great Great Grandfather Emory B. Cook who moved here from New York in 1869. It was taken from the 1890 Buchanan and Delaware Counties IA History pgs. 447-448…continue reading →