I thought I’d add a personal note about the website and what I’m doing with it.

Right now I’ve allotted a half a day three times a week to it. It is obviously under construction. I’m flying by the seat of my pants on this endevor. I have never put together a website before. My intent is to develop a website where I can share the work that I’m doing on my family tree. I am picking up where my sister, father, and Great Great Aunt left off in their research years ago. Much of what will be on these pages is due to their hard work. I plan to include photographs, videos, records, & stories/books written by my ancestors. I even plan to display my family tree which can be navigated through much like ancestry.

To me, there are phases of genealogy; collecting, preservation, research, & inputting the results. Recently I seem to be in the collecting phase. I am gathering information at a faster rate than I can input it into my family tree file. I am developing a weekly schedule that will break down and organize my time into blocks for each of my projects. Hopefully, this will help me to gather my thoughts and be a little more organized in my approach to things. Because of this though the progress on each project may be slower than I want.

I hope that people will enjoy what I post here. By creating this website, I will think I will be able to connect with new relatives or reconnect with relatives that I haven’t seen for a long time. Enjoy!

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