Some interesting facts about her are that she graduated from Manchester High School in 1900, the first of 5 generations in my family, (the last being my eldest daughter Samantha) According to the family file she was born in Iowa although it doesn’t indicate exactly where (another research project for Eric!) In the Manchester Democrat she and her future husband Thomas Wesley DeLancey were issued their marriage license. They had six children. Her grandfather fought in the Civil War for the North. His name was Colonel John H. Peters. She loved cats. She lived around Delaware County for the rest of her life until she passed away in 1942 in Monticello. In her obituary, it states that she “died after a weary illness of a years duration”.

She was my Great Grandmother. Today she would’ve been 140 years old.

Don’t you just want a big hug from her?

Today is also the 201st birthday of Electa Lucey (Utley) Minkler. She is my 3rd Great Grandmother. She is the mother of my 2 Greats Grandmother Haynes. We don’t know much about her other than she was born in on this day in 1819 in New York State to parents John Minkler and Aseneth Call. She was married to George Utley and they had a daughter in Erie, Ohio named Lucy A. Utley. She passed away January 1, 1893, in Delaware County, Iowa.

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