Cecil Templeton DeLancey
Seen here standing in front of his parents Thomas Wesley & Nellie Ann (Peters) house.

Hey everyone! It’s Cecil Templeton DeLancey’s 112th birthday today! Anyone remember this guy?! I do. He was quite a character, always full of fun.

According to our records, Cecil was born in Woonsocket, Sanborn County, South Dakota in 1907. He was joined in marriage to Pearl Lucille Haynes on September 9th, 1931. He passed away on October 29th, 2001.

He was quite a cut-up. Joyce (Hamblin) Rhodes told me that her grandmother, Flora Hamblin mentioned Cecil with a smile as she told the story of him sitting in the corner of the old one-room schoolhouse (because he got in trouble) and making faces at the other students, trying to make them laugh, while they would read in front of the class.

Cecil T. DeLancey, the eternal jokester! Feel free to share your memories!

A story from cousin Craig Starr:
“When Aunt Gertie passed away, I took Cecil and Donald with me to the funeral in SD. Cecil was born there, and wanted to go back to the old farm. There was nothing left there, but he thought he figured out where the house was, and said “I think the window to the bedroom where I was born would be right HERE. They should have hit me in the head with a hammer and thrown me out the window.” Cecil (and Donald ) were characters. On that trip, every time we passed an old building that was falling down, Cecil would say, “That [barn] needs a coat of paint.” Oh, yes, another little bit of history — I have an old business card of my grandfather Jim (& Walt). “STARR BROTHERS, LIVERYMEN”, Woonsocket, S.D. On the back is a list of 24 towns and the distance to them. “TEMPLETON” was 27 miles, and I had never heard of Templeton, BUT Cecil’s middle name was Templeton, and he was delivered by Dr. Templeton. I later found an ancient map and located all 24 of the towns. Several of them, including Templeton, were never really towns; they were inns or stagecoach stops.”

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