These are two of the Japanese dolls from my mother, Sharon Lee (DeLancey) Cook’s collection. They were purchased in Japan during she and her husband Larry Alvin Cook’s stay while he served in the Navy there.

Inscription on base-“Fuji Musume”
This is a scene from a Japanese Kabuki drama. This doll is supposed to portray the Spirits of the Wisteria flower.

Fuji Musume (藤娘 The Wisteria Maiden) is a kabuki dance with lyrics written by Katsui Genpachi, choreography by Fujima Taisuke and music by Kineya Rokusaburô IV, first performed in 1826. Originally part of a set of five different dances performed one after another, Fuji Musume is the only one that has survived.

A depiction of the dance.

The inscription on the base of this doll has been worn away and is unreadable.

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