David Dorin &
Margaret (Wilson) DeLancey

One hundred forty-four years ago yesterday (April 6, 1875) David Dorin and Margaret Wilson were united in marriage in Delaware County, Iowa, according to our records. David was born in Dubuque, Iowa and Margaret was born in Irvinestown, Derryvullan, County Fermanagh, Ireland. They had five children, one of whom was my Great Grandfather Thomas Wesley DeLancey. Some records indicate that there was another child who died at a young age. David Dorin was preceded in death by Margaret on June 10, 1922. He later passed away in Woonsocket, South Dakota December 9, 1943. They are buried together in Woonsocket in the Eventide Cemetery.

If anyone has any information about Margaret please speak up. Sheis a bit of a mystery to me so far!

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  1. Tina L. Chaffin

    I am Thomas Wesley DeLancey’s Great Great Grand Daughter. My Great Grandfather was his son Dorin DeLancey. I just got my DNA back and this is the info I have for Margaret Wilson. She was born Sept 20, 1845 in Ivinestown, Derryvullan Parish, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland. She died On June 10 (my birthday oddly) 1922 in Woonsocket, Sanborn, South Dakota.

    I am trying to find/remember Thomas Wesley DeLancey’s wife. My DNA is linking to someone who born and died in North Carolina and I don’t think that is correct.

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