The author, on the California Zephyr somewhere in Colorado

It’s been a few weeks since my return from Denver, Colorado. I went there to visit relatives that I haven’t seen in a while and, well, to get away.

Oh, what a trip I had! I rode with my daughter to Cedar Rapids to catch a bus, took the bus to the bus station in Burlington, Iowa. I took a cab to the train station, and after a 5-hour wait, boarded the California Zephyr. I then had a wonderfully relaxing overnight excursion to Denver. Traveling by train is the only way to go! Once I arrived at the Denver Union Station, I found my way to the “W” train which took me out to Lakewood, my final destination. (this reminds me of the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, although there were no planes)

I stayed with my Aunt Wanda Hubbard the entire time I was there in an empty apartment just down the hall from hers. It was perfect. She was very generous in letting me scan her parent’s 8mm movie collection, as well as photographs, diaries, and many other old documents.

We later visited her boys, (my only first cousins!), Tony and Tom Hubbard and their families. Tom prepared a delicious dinner at their house while he and Tony sang along to the radio. I didn’t realize that they were so musical, but it makes perfect sense now that I think about it, coming from this family! His daughters entertained us with dancing and his son built a massive tower that nearly touched the ceiling with his wooden blocks. The best part was knocking it down! I was delighted to get reacquainted with these folks!

I also met up with Marschall Smith, my second cousin on our mother’s side, (but also a distant cousin on our father’s side). We had lunch, and he shared a plethora of photos, documents, and objects as well, including an old high chair that I believe his GGG Grandfather built that, with the pull of a lever, collapsed into a baby chair/rocker! It was so good to see him, and reestablish those old commonalities that we share! I do genuinely love him.

A pleasant surprise was an impromptu rendezvous with Renee Starr, my 3rd cousin, who I don’t believe I’d ever met before. If I had, I don’t remember it. We had a quick lunch and talked about this and that. I got a hug before we parted. It was great to meet her.

On my return trip, everything pretty much went in reverse of the journey there. I did make a point of eating in the dining car of the train. As we slowly pulled out of Denver, I dined with a NASA Engineer and his wife. They were headed to Chicago from the Bay Area. I had the Salmon and Asparagus, which was delicious. I noticed that the sun was setting as I made my way back to my seat, so I turned on my heel to visit the observation car, and I was glad I did. It was here that I witnessed the cityscape dissolve into the flatlands of Eastern Colorado. Sound romantic? It was…

After returning home, I decided to take a sabbatical from all things genealogy, and relax for a while. I am back at it now. Now I get to go through all of the information gathered and begin to organize/catalog it. I can’t wait!

What am I most excited to dig into you ask? Well, Don & Alta’s old home movies of course, and I am excited to dig through my GG Grandma Nellie Ann Peter’s diary! Oh yeah!

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