Iva, George, & Albert Cole – c 1940s

About a year ago Kathy (Cole) Cook handed me a 3-ring binder that contained her Grandmother Ive (Sidles) Cole’s recipes. I’ve had it in my possession since and have baked a few things from the recipes within. I have always intended to preserve it by scanning/photogtraphing it and publishing it on my website, so, here goes.

I’m goin to start by going back to the year 2010. I was a fairly recent transplant back to Iowa where I had grown up. I was living with my sister, trying to get back onmy feet after a stormy stint in San Francisco. Anyhow, I remember watching a show on Iowa Public television, one of my favorite stations as a kid, about the radio homemakers of Iowa in the 40s and 50s. I had no idea there was such a thing.

Now, present day. Here I am with this cookbook. I noticed on the first page there was a picture of a woman with a microphone. I did a search and what do you know, she was Edith Hansen, part pf the Iowa Radio Homemakers network!

A preview of the Iowa PBS show I watched about the Iowa Radio Homemakers of the 20th century.

I get nostalgic sometimes and imagine Iva, alone in the kitchen, cooking, and listening to one of her cooking shows, like this one, on her radio, while her husband and son(s) worked out in the fields or in the outbuildings of their farm.

I am posting this file on the family tree web pages to share with whoever might want a copy. Below is a link. Enjoy!


If any readers have comments please post them below. I’d love to hear from you. Also, if you have items you’d like to share, get in touch with me and we can make arrangements.

Eric L. Cook


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  1. Kokomo

    Hi Eric! Cooking was such a major part of the farm work back then. Battery-powered radios began to appear in the early 1920’s (and recorded in the 1930 US census) and gave all sorts of advice to farm wives. January 14, 1963 Jim Lloyd’s “Open Line” program aired over WMT-AM 600 whereby you could call him and ask a question of the whole NE Iowa listening community. For instance, if you were looking for a white frosting recipe made with jumbo marshmallows, you could call in and then someone who had the recipe would call back with it. Both John and I have recipes marked and dated for “Open Line.” must be written in pencil on a 3×5 card with cautions, date, and abbreviations, to not miss anything.

    Oh BTW, Eric:

    Marshmallow Frosting Recipe Open Line 11/14/61

    1 egg white beat stiff;
    Boil 1 1/2c water + 1 c sugar soft ball, add 18 jumbo marshmallows in pcs, stir
    when melted , slowly beat thin stream syrup into egg white until spreadable, if stiff add water
    (Don’t pour on beaters, will splatter)

    • ericcook

      I remember that radio show! My boss Craig Starr used to play it sometimes at The Masonville Garage. I used to work there in the 70s. Thanks for the recipe sample!

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