Too Long…

Preface: This week’s prompt is “Long Line.” At 4 AM the morning I wrote this, I remembered it as “Long.” Once again, my memory failed me; however, I am satisfied with how things turned out. The McGee Schoolhouse, Coffins Grove Township, Delaware County, Iowa In the spring of 2019, I…continue reading →

Fresh Start

I have been slowly writing fewer and fewer posts, (which are really just me transcribing my GG AuntLuella's stories) since I began this blog over a year ago. I am going to start writing again this year. I have assigned myself the opportunity to write a little something each week.…continue reading →

Cook Stories 10

THE EARLY COOKS (no date given) COOK STORIES 10 Benjamin Stephen Cook's (b1800) Bible-showing pedigree. Benjamin Stephen Cook After seeing the Family Bible and the ancestors copied from another Bible, one of the questions I asked my Grandfather Emory was, "When did the first Cooks come to America?" Grandfather Emory…continue reading →